Chocolate Hummus

One of the coolest things about my job is that clients from time to time will send me recipes that they want to try out and they think that I’ll like. I love seeing how they embrace their nutrition programs and enjoy trying new things. It’s not the same old chicken and broccoli bro diet, […]

Carrot Cake Protein Waffles

I love carrot cake but it’s really rich and I don’t eat it often now. Usually even when I do, I just have a couple bites. I like the flavor combination of it with the carrots, cream cheese, vanilla. Some variations even have raisins (bleh!) or coconut (I can deal). I’ve made carrot cake muffins […]

Have Fun With Food – Lose That Chicken And Broccoli

If you’ve been reading here a bit, you probably already know this. If you’re new, I want to explain that my mission is to prove that being healthy isn’t boring and doesn’t involve lots of chicken and broccoli. It can if you want it to but if you really want plain ole chicken and broccoli, […]

Vegan (or not) Snickerdoodles In Cupcake Form

The last couple days have been so relaxing. It was one of those times when I didn’t realize how much I needed this until it happened. The holiday was great and filled with lots of movie watching, present playing, and cooking. The cooking was my favorite part even though I know some people dread it. […]

A Little Help Please. I Could Use It.

OK, I need your help. Yes, you please. In the blogging universe, there’s a cool thing that I’ve seen. It involves making a list. Not just any kind of list though but a list of things to do before your next birthday.  My birthday is fast approaching and I thought it would be really really […]