A Burger Breakthrough While Backyard Gazing

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Hamburger with Eggplant "Bun"

Hamburger with Eggplant "Bun"

Monday and Tuesday this week I was riding the sofa since I was taking a class online for work. It was nice to actually be at home for a couple of days with access to windows to watch the sunshine. I’m typically trapped deep within the bowels of work, nowhere near a window for my 8 hours.

I’ve been dying for a hamburger lately but buns are no longer on Le Quest Menu. It suddenly hit me as I sat during class gazing at the backyard. Like a brilliant lightbulb that suddenly came on. I could slice an eggplant into faux buns and eat my hamburger that way!

I sized up my eggplant slices and cooked them a bit, then slapped my burger between two slices and ate it just like a regular hamburger. Maybe I’ve killed all of my tastebuds with my strange eating, but it was dang good! I’m definitely going to give it a whirl again instead of just eating the burger plain on a plate. I also sliced up the rest of the eggplant and had that for my veggie.

If you want to cut some calories and add in some healthy goodness, give this a try. I bet you could even coat them with a bit of breadcrumbs and saute them if you wanted before sandwiching. Add a slice of pepperjack cheese and burger toppings. Yummy! I wonder what other kinds of ideas I can come up with for faux buns.

Got any other suggestions I can try? Have you had a breakthrough substitution moment that you’re willing to share?

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