Chocolate Souffle – The New Breakfast of Champions

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chocolate souffleThis past weekend Dallas hosted Europa which is a huge bodybuilding event that includes pros and also those that are attempting to win their pro cards. There are tons of vendors there during the show displaying their products, protein bars, powders, supplements, etc. I couldn’t get there but heard about a product that got my interest – chocolate egg whites.

I can hear you making icky noises at the thought. Now I eat eggs for breakfast just about every morning. I like chocolate. Honestly I’ve never thought of combining the two of them together. It didn’t sound unpleasant to me. For my first attempt, I separated 5 eggs and just saved the whites. I beat the whites with 1 Tbsp of unsweetened baking cocoa.

Just like oil and water, the two did not mix. I had to beat them like a crazed Tasmanian devil and they still didn’t blend all that well. I poured them into the pan and the cocoa kinda sat on top of the egg whites in separate layers. I cooked and ate them anyway and they didn’t taste all that bad. I decided to persevere and give it another shot.

For my second attempt, I used 1 cup of egg substitute and 1 Tbsp of cocoa. The egg sub has a different (non-egg white) consistency. This time it mixed right away with almost no effort. I scrambled the chocolate egg mixture and topped with a mashed banana and cinnamon. We have a winner! It was wonderful! Almost like a chocolate soufflé. Even people at work were commenting on how good it smelled.

Who knew something that sounded so weird could taste so great. I might try with strawberries or blueberries too. Or topped with some coconut milk whipped cream on a splurge day. What ideas can you come up with?

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