Welcome To Friday. Let Us Rest.

When you workout hard several days a week, it’s important to take a rest day to give your body and muscles a chance to recover. Challenging workouts stress our muscles and create small tears in the fibers. That’s why you walk funny and have trouble picking up a cup of coffee after a particularly hard […]

Tea + Cake = Cake Flavored Tea!

I’m known for my coffee addiction but I also enjoy tea from time to time. Sometimes while I’m out I’ll grab a green tea at the coffee shop, or I’ll have a cup of herbal tea before bed to keep me away from the coffee late at night. Meg over at A Dash Of Meg […]

Can Food Journals Help You Pay Attention To Your Body?

Have you found any rules that you follow without a true reason? I have officially gotten through 2 entire weeks without using my heart rate monitor once and I haven’t collapsed into a puddle of out of shapeness yet! I’ve also managed to stop staring at my bare wrist out of habit. It’s been quite […]

Um, I Got This Strange Email…

I was sitting at work a few months ago and I got two order confirmation emails from Best Buy. Hmmmm, I didn’t place any orders. I logged into my account and saw that there were two more items in my cart pending purchase! Someone had hacked into my account and was using my stored credit […]

Live A Little, Come On! It Won’t Kill You!

Picture this. You’ve decided to eat healthy and found a workout that you love. You’re losing weight, getting in shape and feeling great! Suddenly you start getting complaints from those around you. Sometimes it’s strangers making comments, but in my experience most often it’s from those close to us like friends, family and co-workers. Yes, […]