Workouts of the Week: Week 10 AKA 5 Months Out

Another week of workouts are now under my belt. This week finished up 70% of my one rep max and I’m moving on again to 80%. That 10% sounds small until you get under the bar and have to lift it. Then you realize just how big 10% really is. Amazingly even though I’ve been […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 9

After last week’s discovery regarding the success of my squats, I decided to change things up a little bit with my workouts this month. I finished out 2 months using the same exercises each workout so it was perfect timing to make some modifications. I’m going to be focusing for a few months on hamstrings […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 8

I have officially finished my second month on my new workout program. This week was at 90% of my one rep max on the core lifts. It was pretty challenging but I was really excited to see how I did. My contest prep is going well and I’m down about 8 pounds now. An interesting […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 7

I can’t believe it’s been another week already. As of last weekend, I am officially 6 months out from my contest. It’s funny how relaxed I am about doing it now that the decision is made. I hemmed and hawwed for months about whether I would be ready or not. Should I do it or […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 6 AKA Hate The Scale

Last week’s workouts were hard! I know, I always say that but really this time. Really really. With the sets of higher reps thrown in after hitting 70% of my one rep max, the pump in my muscles was incredible. The skin on my arms felt tight on pull day and I was sore most […]