My Top 9 Most Read Chocolate Recipes

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Top 9 Chocolate RecipesCalling all you chocolate lovers! That’s everyone, right? With all the chocolate choices out there, there’s got to be one that everyone likes. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and then you have all percentages of cocoa in between.

One of the top searches on my site is for chocolate recipes, so I wanted to give you guys a one stop shop for the popular ones. Here are the top 9 in random order:

  1. For the donut lovers, there are Double Chocolate Baked Donuts. Or you could go the no sugar added route.
  2. If you love Lenny and Larry’s, chocolate or cookies, check out my personal fave, Copycat Lenny and Larry’s Double Chocolate Cookies.
  3. For a chocolate in an unexpected way, there’s Chocolate Hummus believe it or not.
  4. If you’re looking for chocolate with no leftovers to tempt you later, try the Dark Chocolate Mugcake with Cookie Dough Filling.
  5. For a yummmm-filled breakfast, I love Chocolate Protein-Filled Crepes and you feel just a little fancier eating these pinkies up. Oohlala!
  6. Make Double Chocolate Muffins and you’ve got breakfast treats for quite a few days. You can also cut them up and top yogurt or ice cream.
  7. For the ones who love a great dark, foamy stout, I’ve got Dark Chocolate Guinness Protein Brownies. You can use the rest to make Guinness Beef Stew for an Irish-themed meal.
  8. Another great single serve variation is a Chocolate Lava Mugcake. This is one of my personal favorites not that I play chocolate favorites. I love all my chocolates equally of course.
  9. Finally for you guys that love pumpkin and are shouting that it’s pumpkin seasons, you have the best of both in my Pumpkin Chocolate Overnight Oats.

Have a favorite in the list or one you plan to try first? I’d love to hear which one. Let me know in the comments below or send me a pic!

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