Will You Be My Valentine? Pretty Please With Chocolate Cake On Top

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Funny story about this day last year. I was working out with Trainer Man and I realized he and I were the only ones there. It’s a private gym but there were always a few other people with their trainers on any given night. I asked where everyone was, then stopped and said “Oh, right!” as I remembered what day it was. Duh!

Ha, so there are benefits to not having to go out on Valentine’s Day. I don’t eat all the extra calories in chocolates, desserts and wines plus I get to burn calories by working out. There’s a bright side to just about everything. I’m back there again tonight. I wonder if it will be a repeat or if others will be there this time.

No worries though. I don’t need a Valentine this year. I promise after I share what I’m about to share, YOU will be my Valentine! That’s right. You’re going to loooooove me! You’re going to squeal with excitement at the very idea of a recipe for a 3 minute chocolate cake. OK, 4 minutes if you count the mixing time and cooling time. If you can wait for it to cool.

I made this for The Kid as a surprise. Dang, I’m a good mom for making surprise chocolate cake. Her eyes got really big when I brought it and she said “Where’d you get this?!” I told her I made it and she couldn’t believe I had just walked into the kitchen and whipped this sucker up. I used real egg and oil along with almond milk (dairy allergy here!) since it was for The Kid. I bet it would also work with egg beaters and applesauce just fine as substitute.

3 Minute Chocolate CakeThree Minute Chocolate Cake

  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 Tbsp baking cocoa
  • 1 egg
  • 3 Tbsp milk or milk substitute
  • 3 Tbsp oil (or applesauce)
  • 1 splash of vanilla
  • 1 dash of salt
  • 1 dash of baking powder

Cake Before MixingGet a 16 oz mug. Bonus points if you use a mug in honor of your city like I did. If you are substituting applesauce and egg beaters, you may want to spray the mug with non-stick spray. Otherwise don’t bother. Dump all the ingredients in the mug and mix well until blended like… cake batter! Microwave for 3 minutes. I have an ancient 850 watt microwave so if yours is more powerful, adjust the time if needed.

Around the 2 minute mark, the cake will rise up over the top of the mug like a souffle and you’ll freak out that it’s going to explode. Watch it, but don’t worry. Mine made steamy type noises. When the microwave goes off, the cake will settle back down. It’s hot so try your best to wait a moment or two for it to cool. Serves 1 kid or 2 sane adults.

Try dusting it with powdered sugar, or maybe drizzle with chocolate syrup. Ice cream, chocolate chips, berries! The Kid gave it a huge thumbs up and ate it piping hot. I’m going to whip one up for me on Saturday since I’m dying to try it. It smelled delicious and seriously couldn’t have been easier to make.

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? Are you going to be making a 3 minute chocolate cake? 🙂

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