Balancing Plates Is Not As Easy As It Looks

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Plate Balancing

The Kid Knows How To Balance A Plate

I’m now part way into Week 2 of no jumping/lifting and I’ve stuck to the eating plan so far. The scale yesterday morning was actually down a couple pounds despite the holiday last week and lack of calorie burning.

I’m making sure to not overeat but also not to undereat. That was an issue that I had in the past. I would skip meals and then end up either just not eating enough the entire day or I’d suddenly realize I was starving and pound down a Bic Mac, large fries and a diet coke.

All that is horrible for your metabolism and your health in general. I’m sure you know that because I did, but ate that stuff anyway because I was hungry and it was there. Since that was the only thing I ate all day, my calories were still reasonable and I didn’t gain weight. BUT ugh, what was going on in my insides was frightening.

If you’re anything like me, you still find yourself doing this from time to time or even more often. My weak days are weekends when time isn’t as structured as it is during the week. I always underate on the weekends – sometimes just one carb heavy meal in a day. Even to this day if I don’t have a plan, all bets are off.

I focus on balanced meals each time I eat. There are protein, fat and carbs in every meal. My protein is lean meats like chicken or steak. My fats come from whole foods like avocado, peanut butter or almonds (I didn’t say slap a blob of butter on things). My carbs come from veggies and occasional fruits.

Even without a specific plan, knowing what a balanced plate consists of helps me make a good choice on what to eat. Most places have grilled chicken and steamed veggies nowadays. Even McDonalds has a grilled chicken sandwich (take the bun off) and two side salads (no croutons and a little vinaigrette). Combine that with a baggie of almonds I carry with me and boom – balanced meal on the go.

How are you doing after the holidays? Are you back to eating balanced meals? Do you have undereating issues on the weekends?

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