We Will See If Diet Is Key (I Love A Rhyme)

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Ahi Tuna SandwichSince I’m not allowed to lift heavy things or jump around with aerobic/HIIT excitement for another couple weeks, most of my posts for a bit are going to be eating-based. Get your mind back on track, I didn’t say stuffing my face-based. I’ll admit though that does sound better since it rhymes. Everyone loves a rhyme. 😉

During the holidays, a lot of people get busy and can’t always make it to the gym so you might find yourself where I am right now. Albeit yours won’t be doctor mandated hopefully, but the end result might be a few weeks with little to no working out for you until things calm down.

They say your body is 80% diet/20% exercise. I’m really focusing on eating right since I can’t burn off any mistakes that I make. You may think it sounds silly but 3 weeks of eating too much can really put on some extra padding. Especially when you throw in birthday and Thanksgiving. It’s not very difficult to take off, but think about the damage that can do to your body with the yo-yoing.

It’s simpler and healthier to just eat right and maintain than eat whatever and work like crazy to get it off. Seriously, stop and read that powerful sentence. It really took me a long time to figure that secret out. I think a lot of us have an issue with this concept since many are on a competition diet or just a diet diet. I still struggle with it, but yesterday was a test and I passed with flying colors.

I rarely eat things like bread, cake, ice cream and fries. In the past I had a depraved deprived mindset. “OMG, I don’t know when I’m going to ever get bread again. I need to eat this entire basket in case I never ever get bread for the rest of my entire existence.” Replace the word bread with the other three things in the first sentence and repeat. It was especially bad post-contest after being low cal for so long!

I’m working hard to pay attention when I eat and realized the ridiculousness of that thinking. I can eat just a piece of bread and be fine with it because I will have it again sometime. Yesterday, I ate like a sane person and not like a person who hit an all you can eat buffet after coming off a desert island. I ate slowly, savored how everything tasted, and tried to judge how full I was feeling.

The Kid and I went out for lunch (yay for Groupon!) and I had veggies and ahi tuna. OK, there was bacon too! The tuna was a sandwich but I only munched on half the bun and two of The Kid’s fries. At dinner, I ate just a little bread since the restaurant had killer homemade bread. I even turned down the massive wall of chocolate cake that the restaurant offered. For dessert, I had a perfect sized cupcake (bought elsewhere).

I came home slightly full and not uncomfortably stuffed with uber-calories. Cheat days are great to have every now and then, but approach them with moderation so you don’t undo all the hard work you’ve put in. There will be plenty more to come so it shouldn’t be an all out oink-fest. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply what I’ve learned the next time I’m post-contest.

Do you struggle with the all or nothing mindset with eating? Do you have any tips?

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