Fall Brings A Strange Grocery Dance

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Grocery shopping now is an exercise in self restraint. Fall brings cool weather, warm spices, and pumpkin. As you know, I love pumpkin and have trouble resisting things with pumpkin as an ingredient. So imagine my delight horror when I rolled into Walmart for my usual grocery shopping and was greeted with a massive display of all things pumpkin.

It was bad enough that these joyous treats were sprinkled within the aisles themselves, but seriously did they need their own dedicated area of temptation?! I picked things up, put them in my cart, walked a couple steps, but them back. Repeat, repeat. I had pumpkin whoopie pie mix, pumpkin confetti cupcake mix, pumpkin gingerbread bar mix, and several other things in my cart at various moments. In out, in out.

I’m sure the people in the back watching the security camera were wondering what I as up to and were on high alert due to my suspicious behavior. After this dance went on, I managed to drag myself from the area completely with none of the treats permanently rooted in my cart. Nope, not a one. I was strong. Or at least I was weak then strong then weak, but ended on strong. Phew!

The pumpkin gods must have been watching and took pity on me because in the very back of the Walmart hidden amongst the milk, eggs, and dairy products was this gem. Which ended up in my cart…

Pumpkin Spice Bagel Thins

To the person who thought of combining the flavor of pumpkin into a bagel thin, I am forever grateful to you and your stroke of genius. Do you ever go through this kind of dance while grocery shopping? What is the one thing you have trouble resisting?

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