I like ’em big, I like ’em chunky!

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I have a confession. I’m cheap and I’m a couponer. Coupons are all over the place nowadays and all you need is a Sunday paper and/or internet access and a printer to get more than you could imagine. Since I started my healthy eating adventure, I’ve noticed something. Food coupons are mainly for processed food like microwave meals, goopy pasta dishes, and salty canned things. Rare is the coupon for foods like meat, cheese and milk. When you do find them, it’s typically combined with buying something in the former category. Ie, get a dollar off milk when you buy a lifetime supply of cookies.

I no longer have the plethora of usable coupons at my disposal. My weekly grocery bill has gone from $40 to well over $80. Ugh for a cheap person to say the least. So I decided it was time to brave a visit to Costco to see if I could save some cash. Now I’ve been a Costco member for several years and have actually gone from time to time.  I never really saved much since I was buying the processed food and usually it was cheaper at a normal store when using coupons. Many of my fitness friends have been telling me to give Costco a whirl for my new menu since the deals were so good.

I rolled in, list in hand, determined to avoid impulse purchases and stick to just what I had planned to get. No sooner had I set foot in the door when I came face to face with my impulse nemesis – a huge box of k-cups! I swerved left and ran through with my head down. I made my way to the back and filled my cart with flocks of chickens, herds of cows, and fields of greens. Naturally everything there equates to a ton of food for a family of two, but most is easily frozen or stored for a few weeks. The grand total came to $160, but I think it should last about 3 weeks by my calculations. Probably much longer for some things like the peanut butter. Not a bad savings if I say so myself.

I did have a couple moments of weakness and went off list just a bit. Fresh tomatillo salsa, fat free Greek yogurt, extra lean turkey burger patties, and a butternut squash weren’t in the plan. Moments like this confirm for me just how far I’ve come. A year ago my impulse purchases would have been cupcakes, twinkies, chips, and cheesy things. No more. My taste buds and my brain want different yummy things! I had my chicken tonight topped with the salsa and it was quite the tasty morsel. As a matter of fact, I eat all kinds of weird things with absolute delight that I would have turned my nose up at before.

Are you as prone to impulse food purchases as I am?

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