Finding Balance With Life, Health, and Moderation

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Weight-Loss-ProgramWhen Patrice started with me, she was interested in losing weight and looking better for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. She had an erratic schedule with her desk job and a busy social life along with it. Like many of us, she had lost weight in the past and then regained it when life got busy and health took a backseat. To quote her, “It’s very easy to say life is too busy to find time to exercise. I just need to not find excuses.”

Most of her fitness background included classes at the gym along with the treadmill and elliptical. She had done a little bit of weight training but wasn’t confident enough to venture away from the machines she knew. Sometimes you just need a plan to make you feel more at ease and less lost at the gym. When I first talked to her, she mentioned that one of her least favorite exercises was burpees so I promised her that I’d never have her do them.

Patrice provided me with detailed food logs on what she’d been eating. I was very impressed with her food choices. She’s actually my only client so far to provide me such detailed logs before even starting. She had some great food choices without a lot of processed foods. There were multiple servings of fruits and veggies, protein, and some very healthy choices. She mentioned being unable to stick to a program for long, and I noticed that her calories were lower than I recommended starting out.

Where a lot of people fail along the way is being too restrictive in their healthy eating. They eliminate foods they love or even food groups and cut calories a bit too much, then after they can’t stand it anymore they fall off the wagon and give up in frustration. I made a few changes to her nutrition, put together a workout program that fit her schedule, and we were off and running.

At her first check in, she apologized for not eating well on the weekend since she attended a music festival with all kinds of fair foods but she got her workouts in as planned and did a lot of walking. We talked a bit about how to make as healthy of choices as possible when “trapped” at a festival or event and also how to loosely track what you’re eating. She jumped right in with both feet.

She had an unexpected trip the second week, and ended up moving workouts around and doing cardio in the form up step ups on a set of stairs. The next weekend was a wedding, then another out of town festival. She stuck to her plan Monday through Friday, tracked as best she could on the weekends, and looked for better choices to eat. By the end of the 4th week, she was down over 4 lbs.

Most weeks she was busy and had something to attend, but she stuck to her workouts and didn’t miss one. She not only mastered everything I threw at her, but she did it without complaint and improved steadily week after week. We made a couple tweaks here and there to variations, and changed up cardio a bit to keep it fun along with burning calories. We also brainstormed on ideas to keep hunger down and on making choices while eating out.

Patrice just recently finished up her first 16 week program and we changed her workouts a bit to give her a few options in the gym. Throughout the program, she continued losing just over a pound a week while still enjoying life and helping to plan the wedding. Patrice has been a joy to work with and I’m so proud of her accomplishments.

Not only has she learned more about using machines and free weights in the gym, but she’s also learned how to have a vibrant social life while still watching out for her health. I know she’s going to make a grand entrance as Mother of the Bride and I can’t wait for pictures! In case you’re wondering, I kept my burpee promise too! She didn’t do a single burpee. Read more about what Patrice had to say in her own words.

If you’re looking to lose weight for a special occasion or just for you and your health, let me know how I can help at Assessments are always free, and I’d love to talk about what we can achieve together with an online training and nutrition program customized to you and your goals.


  1. So proud of you Patrice!!!

    • She did and is still doing so well… ha, and still enjoying fests on the weekend. I joke with her that I’m completely jealous of her social life. She is the true example of moderation. I’m very proud of her too. 🙂

  2. Thanks Chelsie & Adrianne! The adventure continues 🙂

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