Like the Boy Scouts – Be Prepared Is My Motto

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Since I completed the contest and took a week or so off from uber-healthy eating, I got a little lax in being prepared. It sure doesn’t take long for abs to vaporize faster than Scotty beaming someone up to the Enterprise. I found that there are a few things that contributed to my downfall and provided a convenient excuse for not making the best eating choices. I usually try to prepare a few days worth of meals at once so that I don’t get caught off guard with schedule changes. If I’m really motivated, I even do a whole week’s worth! 

If I know I already have dinner waiting and ready to be heated up, I don’t have to panic and stop for something on the way home when there is a last minute meeting that throws my schedule off. If I’m planning to be out for a while, I take a protein bar or a shaker cup with protein powder with me. It’s not too difficult to eat the bar on the run or find a close water fountain to whip up a shake. I try to not rely on those often since they can vary in processed ingredients, but they sure are convenient when you’re suddenly starving.

Another thing I do is always have a relatively healthy restaurant in mind if I’m out and getting hungry. With The Kid, sometimes it’s not always me that’s hungry and requiring a pit stop. I have a list of restaurants that I know I can either get something off the menu that works for me or one that will customize something. That’s right, did you know you aren’t stuck ordering off the menu in most places? Tip – Kid’s menus tend to have healthy choices and less oil and additives than the sauce laden regular menus. I guess they figure a kid doesn’t want something fancy or spicy. I get creative and lots of times I ask to order off the kids menu.

Ever try California Pizza Kitchen? I love their grilled chicken breast with two sides of steamed broccoli. They make it without oil. I’ve also been known to get grilled chicken and a couple side salads (minus the dressing, cheese and croutons) in some places. You get weird looks from the servers and The Kid sometimes denies knowing me, but my biceps and abs laugh back at them. Don’t limit yourself, because restaurants are more than willing to work with you if they get to take your money in return.

What tips do you follow? Do you plan ahead or wing it?

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