Meal Size Matters In My World

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If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I love to eat and I hate being hungry. If I’m hungry, I typically end up falling off the wagon and eating way more than planned. Either that or a really bad mood starts as I work to tolerate the hunger. This is a bad thing for someone who is trying to lose fat or even just maintain current state. It’s also a bad thing for those around me. (Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious here.)

There are healthy eating plans all over the place nowadays. You can’t open a health or fitness magazine without finding a plan of some sort. I decided to try one a couple weeks ago that I found in a well known women’s lifting magazine, just to change things up a bit. I lasted two days on it before the hunger was a problem. They all have about the same amount of calories based on your weight, so calories aren’t really an issue.

So what is it then? It’s the volume of food that I’ve noticed is not what I usually eat. In order to keep the hunger away, I eat a lot more veggies than these plans seem to have. I do it for the purpose of keeping myself full without adding a lot of calories. I’m sorry, but 2 cups of lettuce with a few slices of tomato and cucumber with lunch just isn’t going to do it for me. I’ll gnaw your arm off an hour later.

Most of my meals include at least 8 oz of greens in addition to carbs and protein. As an example, look at my dinner from last night. By my calculations, it was about 435 calories but look at the amount of food. That’s an 11 inch square dinner plate as a reference point. 4 oz of lean burger topped with a tbsp of craisins, 8 oz spaghetti squash, 4 oz tomato sauce, and 8 oz green beans. I was full for quite some time after eating that.

Funny enough, I’ve been following another blog of someone who is trying out an eating plan for August. She’s been posting pics of what she’s been eating. Yesterday she said she had seconds of dinner because she got hungry quickly after the first round. I looked at her dinner pic and counted about 10 green beans. Yeppers, I’d have been hungry too with that nibble. 😉

Most green veggies are low in calories, high in nutrients and fiber, and will keep you full from the sheer volume of them. Try asparagus, broccoli, green beans, cucumbers, brussel sprouts. There are tons to choose from for variety. Toss them in spices, sprinkle with lemon juice, spray them with butter spray. They don’t have to be boring. Ever weigh out 8 oz of fresh spinach or romaine lettuce? You’ll be munching through that all evening like a herd of buffalo!

Avoid “greens” like peas and lima beans. Those officially are starchy vegetables and don’t count in the green veggie category. Try adding some more veggies in at lunch and dinner to see if it makes a difference in your hunger and helps you to stay on plan.

I’ll admit I get a lot of weird looks at work when people see the amount I eat. Waitstaff has asked me if I realize just how much I’m ordering at restaurants too. Do you dare to give this a try?


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