Quest Recipe Remakes (AKA Other Ways You Can Do That)

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I love recipes that you can use in different ways than just the original version. I call it meal multi-tasking. I do it all the time with my batch grilling of proteins. Cook once, throw it in the fridge, then use it all week in salads, wraps, stir fries, burritos, sandwiches and more.

High Fiber English MuffinI also try to do this with as many other recipes as I can and I wanted to give you a few examples to get you started. I use coconut flour to make high protein bread and use it in grilled cheese sandwiches.

Leave out the onion and garlic powders. Instead of cooking it in a pan like pancakes and using it for bread, you can also put it in a small round dish and microwave it. Then when it’s cooked slice it in half and toast it for an English muffin.

Falafel SandwichMake low fat falafel waffles and instead of just eating them falafel style, use them as bread in a sandwich and fill it with cucumbers, tomatoes, tatziki, and dill. You can even put in a little sliced meat if you like too.

I made a really easy dairy free/vegan alfredo sauce that went great the first night over pasta. Dairy Free Alfredo QuesadillaYou can also saute some spinach and mushrooms, slice grilled chicken, and sandwich it with the sauce in a whole grain flatbread to make a dairy free alfredo quesadilla.

Life is too boring to eat the same thing day after day. The next time you make a recipe, think about different ways that you can use the leftovers that aren’t just plain old leftovers. You can make the same old thing seem like a totally different meal with just a few small tweaks.

That’s what makes life fun!

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