Mix Things Up For The Most Fun And Best Results

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Ezekiel BreadAre you a creature of habit or do you mix things up? I pretty much follow a set schedule in my day to day life. It actually makes me feel more relaxed being a Type A since I know what I’m doing and when. I don’t really like change much and tend to fight it. Until recently… regarding food choices.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on nutrition lately since that’s an area that I’m curious about, especially given my history of bad eating habits. I’ve discovered the best way to ensure that you are getting the right combination of nutrients is to change things up. Just like your exercise routine, doing the same thing over and over eventually stops giving you results.

Every fruit and vegetable has different levels and combinations of vitamins and minerals. If you eat the same ones, you may get too much of some nutrients and none of others. I’ve managed to change things up almost daily in that area with my co-op membership. I’m trying all kinds of produce that I’ve never had before – EVER!

I’m also making a point of doing this with all my other foods too. I’m guilty of chicken and broccoli, chicken and broccoli. Here’a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick chick. I’m branching out and being daring. Oooh, I know. Wild and crazy of me, huh? There are so many different proteins out there. I’m trying tilapia, mussels, shrimp, lean ground beef, ground turkey and so on.

I’ve had these but I’ve never mixed them up quite this much before. I’d have an entire week of eating chicken, then switch to fish for a week. Now I’m consciously having different proteins throughout the day. Breakfast with eggs, snack with chicken, lunch with tuna. I’m doing the same with my grains too. The combinations are endless with breads, rice, potatoes, quinoa.

I still do my massive food prep ritual on Sundays, but now I cook a bunch of different meats and package them in 4 oz portions. During the week I just grab one, add a veggie, and a starch and voila. Instant meal change up. Not only does the variety give you a wider range of vitamins and minerals, it really keeps you from getting bored with your eating.

Break out of your routine and give it a try. What are some of your favorite proteins, starches and veggies?

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