What Do You Weigh?

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food on scaleI weigh almost every meal to make sure that I know how much I’m eating. Bear with me here while I explain that I’m not crazy. I started doing this at the recommendation of my trainer since most people have trouble eyeballing a serving size accurately – particularly when starting out. I wanted to make sure that I whipped myself into shape as quickly as possible given the sorry shape I was in, so I went out and got a food scale. No room for error in my journey.

It makes sense when you think about it. You have a recipe that calls for broccoli and carefully measure out 1 cup of large broccoli pieces. I have the same recipe and measure my smaller broccoli pieces that I pack down into the measuring cup because I love broccoli. Hmmmm, I bet I end up with more broccoli than you do since you’ve got a lot of air in your cup. But if we weigh 8 oz of broccoli, we both end up with the exact same amount regardless of the size of the pieces. It’s like the trick question, what weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks? They both weigh the same but the volume is very different.

I’m not suggesting that you have to weigh every bit of food forever, but every now and then does help. If you’re having trouble moving the needle or making changes in your body, you may want to give a food scale a try. It keeps you honest and helps you total up exactly how much you’re really eating. Since I’m not in contest prep right now, I can get away with not weighing every single meal but I measure most out of habit. It’s simple and doesn’t take much effort or time. When I eat out, I estimate 4 oz of chicken (size of your palm, give or take) and just eat until I’m stuffed full of veggies for the rest.

food on plateTo give you an idea of how inaccurate eyeballing food can be, here’s a picture of my dinner – 8 oz green beans, 6 oz sweet potatoes, and 3.5 oz ground beef for about 400 calories total. The plate in the picture is a 10.5 inch square (get out your ruler and see how big that really is!) so that’s a massive amount of food. If I hadn’t weighed it out, I would have eyeballed much less and been under on calories. There goes the rumor that fitness freaks eat like birds, huh? Nope, most nights I have to cram all this food down and have room for a before bed snack.

Are you going to try a food scale? Let me know what you think.

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