What Have You Learned To Not Keep In The House

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PizzaAs I sat here tonight, I began thinking about things that I really shouldn’t buy. Not under any circumstances. Things that are usually out of sight, out of mind. But if they’re in the house, they are shaking in their boots just waiting to be eaten in mass quantities if spotted by me.

You probably have a list of your own. I have at least five on my list.

  • Pizza – Any kind, even the frozen cardboard version is in grave danger
  • Peanut butter – Or almond butter or butter butter for that matter
  • Canned Frosting – Any flavor, I’m not picky and no cake required, just a spoon
  • Chocolate Chips – Mmmmm!
  • Ice Cream – Even in a desperate moment I’ll eat an entire pint of a flavor I “don’t like”

Thank goodness I’m too lazy to drive to get any of the above if a craving strikes. As long as they aren’t in the house, I’m good.

Do you have weaknesses like this? What can you not resist?

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