When the Wolf Howls Good Things Follow

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Today was my second official body fat measurement to see if I’ve made any progress towards my goal. If you remember from last time, I measured in at 24.7% BF two weeks ago. As of this evening, I am now 22.6% BF! Progress is very nice. It shows that my work is actually paying off and I’m definitely on the way to 20%. I was also measured but honestly, I was too excited over the BF results that I didn’t really pay attention to the inches lost. Right now I’m seeing a slight difference, but not significant yet. I see myself every day though so I probably will be the last to notice.

This week as part of the buckling down on the diet so I can buckle my belt tighter project, I purchased my very first food scale. I got a digital one so that I can see every last tenth of an ounce. I was surprised by how much I was over estimating some foods and under estimating others. Do you guys realize just how massive 8 oz of broccoli really is?! I could feed a small army of vegetarians for several days on 8 oz. I now weigh everything I eat, just so I can get an idea of what an ounce of this and an ounce of that looks like. I really recommend a food scale if you find yourself at a plateau.

Monday was my first leg workout and it went quite well. I managed to get through it and drive home without collapsing. I thought I was OK the following day and was doing well, but the day after the extreme soreness began. I had to scale back my TurboFire kicking a bit because I thought my legs might fall off otherwise. The legs were finally starting to feel mostly normal today. Phew. My reward was a follow up leg workout to whip them into better shape! Hopefully it won’t take another five days of recovery this time.

This week was a huge pain in the buttocks at work, but I was victorious. I handled all the stress and still managed to not cheat on my eating. Each night I packed my breakfast, lunch, and snacks so I wasn’t caught by surprise without something to eat. It worked and it really wasn’t that hard either! I just made dinner each night and doubled the recipe. I ate half at dinner, and packed and ate the other half for lunch. Cook once, eat twice is very nice. Make that your mantra along with extreme zest, no rest.

This weekend is the big birthday celebration weekend for The Kid. Her birthday was actually mid-June, but since she was busy with me and Grandma on her birthday weekend and then promptly left on vacation, it has taken us this long to arrange the actual celebration part. We have two jam packed, fun filled days at Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. I’m looking forward to reading by the pool while she and her friends slide the waterslides to their hearts are content. Plus I’ll look better than before in my bathing suit while lounging. I’m really looking forward to it even if we are expecting more rain.

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