Results Are In – The Taste Of Victory

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What does victory taste like? Maybe it tastes like steak. I did it! Yesterday was Day 30 of the Whole30 challenge and I passed with flying strips of bacon. This is utterly amazing for me especially given my background with sugar addiction and eating disorders. I stayed strong for the entire 30 days although I admit some days were easier than others.

I checked in with Trainer Man this week on Day 28 so my results below are as of almost the end but not The End.

Weight Body Fat % Body Fat Lean Mass
145.2 lbs 19.3% 28.02 lbs 117.18 lbs
144.4 lbs 18.3% 26.43 lbs 117.98 lbs
– .8 lbs – 1% – 1.59 lbs + .8 lbs

Not bad for a month’s time if you ask me especially since I did this through the holidays. I gained almost a pound of muscle and lost just over 1 1/2 lbs of fat. There were other factors involved during this time besides eating changes. I was doing a lot of cardio before, but I dropped almost all cardio and focused on power yoga instead. I only added in HIIT the last couple weeks.

TricepI also began lifting weights mostly on my own – one time a week with my trainer instead of three times a week with him. There were only 3 trainer visits in the 30 days. I continued lifting on the other days on my own, but the intensity was not what it is with him pushing me hard. (I’m working on this!) With those things thrown in, the results are even more amazing.

Now that I’m in a long contest prep phase aiming towards September, my goal is a pound of muscle a month. I practically did it here! Maybe this is really doable if I put my mind to it. I’m kicking into high gear now! Imagine what the results are going to be this coming month with new intensity and heavy lifting.

Things I learned during my Whole30:

  • This is the longest I’ve ever been without a diet soda since the invention of diet soda. I really don’t miss it. Iced tea is much better tasting and better for me too.
  • I can survive just fine without sugar, honey, splenda, and similar stuff. That for some reason was the easy peasy part. Go figure!
  • I was eating extra stuff along the way without paying attention before the challenge. A bite of pasta here from The Kid’s plate, a couple French fries there, the end of the loaf of bread so I didn’t just throw it away. All those things add up.
  • I don’t crave pizza, pasta, rolls, pancakes, etc until I see them. That in itself is surprising. I don’t miss them. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • With the right spices, veggies are really great! I sort of forced myself to eat them before, but this made me more adventurous and I’ve learned that I really love most of them. Even the weird ones.
  • I can control my eating and not feel like I deserve a treat or earned a cheat day every week. They are nice to have every now and then, but not really missed as much as I expected.
  • I’m proud of myself for giving up all processed food, preservatives, and other nasty stuff that I was eating before. That alone has to make a difference in my insides that the numbers above don’t reflect.
  • I do miss cream in my coffee and Greek yogurt. Plus it was a challenge some days getting enough protein without the convenience of a protein shake or bar. I was used to eating less meat and got caught a few times without enough prepared for the day. I quickly learned to plan ahead more.

I’m going to cheat every now and then going forward, though probably not on a weekly basis. I’m going to add cream (not fake creamer!) and Greek yogurt back in a couple times a week because I enjoy it, but I plan to do a strict Whole30 a couple times a year to keep my eating and thinking on track.

I highly recommend giving the Whole30 a try and think it was well worth it. Even just for the experience of learning about old eating habits and forming some new conscious eating practices. Are you giving it a try? How is your challenge going? If you have questions, feel free to email me or comment below. I’m an open book.


  1. Angie @ Angie Anew says

    Congrats! I’m on day 20 and feeling great. Like you, cream in my coffee will definitely be a sometimes treat after this. I do miss it, although I’m getting used to drinking it black. Glad I found your blog!

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m very excited that I did this. I stopped and got a small Greek yogurt for this week. Plain so it’s not completely horrible. I figured out that cream was masking the horrid taste of work coffee. Bleh! Drinking it black really cut down on my drinking it altogether. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing. I’m aiming for 90 – 95% paleo in normal weeks with a few Whole30’s throughout the year for the heck of it.

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