A Carrot By Any Other Name Is Just A Carrot

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Fancy Baby CarrotsYesterday was a big day. The Kid had chair tryouts after school (I’m sure that’s not the official term for it) and made first chair in all of symphonic band! She was so excited when I picked her up and I’m very proud of her. She really loves the bass clarinet and is doing well at it.

This school year seems slightly less homework intensive thankfully. I’m not sure if everyone is just more used to it or it is really easier. It only takes a couple hours a night which is a big relief that she has time for things after school like band concerts and volleyball games.

It’s always important to have time to do fun stuff along with the work/school work stuff. Life is too short to do otherwise. Last night we also gave a new carrot version a try as our veggie this week. We’ve had carrots before of course, but these were fancy baby carrots with all kinds of fluffy greens on the top. Straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine.

The carrots came in colors like white, purple and orange. The veggie guy said they tasted the same but were just different colors for aesthetics. As you can see, we went mainstream and got the carrot colored carrots. I washed and cooked them up after trimming the greens off. There were way more greens than actual carrots there.

From what I tasted, these ended up being just overpriced carrots. This was the first “meh” that we’ve had on our veggie adventure. They weren’t bad, they were just… carrots. Nothing fancy besides the price. This weekend we are moving on to the rutabagas so I’ll post the review and recipe in the next couple days.

I’m sure the rutabagas won’t disappoint. How could they with a name like that? 😉 Tonight is also Friday Night Dinner and we are trying to pick a new restaurant from our newly purchased Entertainment Book. I get one of those every year and vow to use it. Typically I find a coupon after I’ve already made a purchase, but this year… Yeah, we will see.

Maybe if I leave it in the car. Do you get the Entertainment Book and use it faithfully? Have you tried these fancy baby carrots? TGIF!


  1. We have bought those Entertainment books in the past but we never use the coupons. We are really bad at using coupons…we always forget 🙁

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      I was flipping through last year’s after I got the new one and saw tons that I could have used. If only… This year will be different. I will try my best!

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