A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished

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Yesterday was pretty eventful. The Kid and I were heading out to do some shopping downtown on Main Street. They have a bunch of little boutiques and fun places to wander through and window shop. Just after leaving home, we passed a young guy walking with his bike. Yes, I said walking. I said to The Kid that it was silly to walk your bike when you could ride it. I’m known for stating the obvious in case you were wondering.

We pulled up to the red light and as we were waiting, he appeared knocking at the car window. He was pushing the bike because he had a flat tire and he couldn’t get ahold of any of his friends. I had a bike rack on the back of my car so he asked for a ride to the nearest bike store. It was about 100 degrees at that point and he had no water and looked red-faced desperate so I agreed to help out. It turned out that he was visiting from Macedonia as an exchange student and was studying robotics.

Storm CloudsWe got him to the local bike shop and hopefully they got him all sorted out. I did recommend that he get a spare tube and air canisters to carry with him while he was there. The heat here is rough on bike tires. It’s a small price to pay for the convenience of a street side fix.

Lest you think that I was completely insane for picking up a stranger, I did pull the tire iron out of the trunk while he ran back for his bike. I had it up front with me and was well prepared to use it should he have turned out to be a lunatic. I also drove on well populated roads to the bike shop. You don’t mess with a mama bear. 😉 I told The Kid that she was never ever to do that alone or at night. Period.

Shortly afterwards a storm blew in so I was glad we got him taken care of before that. Am I the only one that sees a hand helping someone in a boat in the clouds? All turned out well and I was glad I got the opportunity to help out. I would have wanted someone to help me if the tables were turned. It was a great way to end the week.

In case you missed the other happenings:

I hope you had a great week!


  1. you are incredible!

    • Adrianne says

      It felt so good to help him! He said he had only been here 3 weeks so far and bought a bike to get back and forth to work. His parents took out a loan to send him here for school. I was glad he stopped us. It would have been a long walk for him otherwise.

  2. Good for you for helping out and being smart about it at the same time. My husband does things like that all the time, and I admire him for it. 🙂

    • Adrianne says

      Thanks for stopping by! I can’t imagine being in a strange country, stranded somewhere. I was glad I could help out. I resisted the Mom urge to lecture him on always bringing water and wearing a helmet. 😉

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