I Packed My Bag and Went Off to Camp

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swim fins

My New Mermaid Feet

Two things that I can’t resist in life are a challenge and a scream of a deal. When I came across a Groupon for a bootcamp, I knew I had found something meant for me. Not just any bootcamp, but an aquatic bootcamp run by a former US Army Deep Sea Diver. I figured what perfect time to do a pool-based bootcamp but in July when it’s the hottest. It just happened to coincide with the first month of Project Bad A$$ too. Excellent timing. The class is three times a week for the next four weeks – two classes in the pool and one class outside weekly.

I showed up for my first class (fins in hand) and it turns out there were three of us that were new. Everyone else was a returning camper. Yay, lucky us. We started out with a couple timed drills – one on land and one in the water. We are going to do the same drills in the last class so that we can see just how far we’ve come. There are even awards for the top performers in the class and also for the most improved. I managed to complete two and a half rounds of the land drill. For the pool drill, I completed 250 yards of free style and 50 yards of survival swim.

Surprise, this isn’t a water aerobics class meant for seniors. This is hardcore and a shocker to the system. Since I do all kinds of drills and cardio on my own, the land drills weren’t really that hard. They were challenging but I wasn’t dying. Whoa nelly, it was a different story in the water. I haven’t done much more than doggie paddle around pools for the last 30 years or so. Thankfully I can at least swim. Let me tell you, swimming for any distance is not easy. I started out OK, but was soon gasping for air and choking on water.

After the water drill, we were rewarded with lap sprints, underwater swims, and all kinds of ab exercises. At one point we even partnered up for drill. I apologize to the poor boy that got stuck with me, and ended up doing quite a bit of holding his arms in the air and treading water for punishment when I couldn’t swim the distance under water. It sure brought back those school memories of always being picked last for teams. I was right there again. Picked last, sigh.

It was all I could do to drag myself out of the water with my calves cramping after class. They are still knotted up tight now. Hopefully the magnesium and potassium I’m pounding down will kick in soon.

Phew, my goal now is to aim for the most improved award. Think I can hit that bar? I’ll keep you posted. Have you tried a bootcamp class? How did it go?

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