We Got This! Really, I Promise

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grocery storeI have to get this off my chest. Hopefully this post doesn’t offend anyone because it is written with the utmost respect in mind. There is a grocery store near me that I sometimes go to. I’d go to it a lot more except for this one thing.

It’s not a foo foo grocery store but they have a nice selection of almond butter, coconut milk, and organics. It’s pretty much just your average, non-national chain grocery. Apparently they have some strange rule that you are not allowed to take your groceries to your car by yourself.

Yes, you read that right. Weird, huh. Now this is the part that bothers me. The store is full to the brim with cashiers and baggers that are teenage, spry, leaping tall buildings. The helpers that have to push your cart and load your groceries are either elderly or physically challenged. We’re talking Walmart Greeter type elderly, not 50s or 60s.

I don’t get it. I was raised to respect my elders and I refuse to walk next to them empty handed while they push my cart and heave grocery bags into my trunk. To me, this is disrespectful. I do not begrudge them employment in any way, I just would rather see them in a less demanding role. They look like they are struggling with the groceries or it wouldn’t be so bad!

I had a plan on our last trip and I told The Kid ahead of time what the plan was. I paid for the groceries and the next helper came to grab the cart. I told him that we were headed over to the cafe for coffee but thanked him profusely for his help. We got this, thanks. We then headed over to the cafe.

No sooner had we moved near the door on the other side, we were attacked by another helper who rushed over and grabbed the cart handle. I again explained the whole pausing for coffee bit and managed to shoo him away. We got this people. Really. Back away! We tensely drank our coffee and eyeballed the coast.

It was clear and we made a break for it. Unfortunately I forgot the car was parked by the other doors and we had to get across quite a bit of lot… with the cart… completely unattended by a helper! We were halfway across, with me turning back and barking at The Kid to hurry for the love of Pete hurry!

Suddenly we were spotted by two helpers with another customer. I kid you not, the one helper pointed at us and shouted “There’s one!” I screamed, broke into a run with the cart and tried to beat him. Didn’t make it. We got helped. The Kid laughed at me for even trying. I’m sure I looked like a lunatic, sprinting with the cart with a look of desperation.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?! I feel like I have to sprint from car to car, and crouch down to avoid being caught. It seems to be just me as no one else looks awkward as they stroll next to their helper. Any ideas on how we can get to the car by ourselves? Or am I wrong and should just get over this? Help!

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