Hi, I’m Adrianne. Nice to Meet You!

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Did you catch last week’s task to keep up with friends? I’ve continued posting the question at random and love the variety of answers that I’m getting. You should try it sometime just for fun to see what you get back. It’s also nice to share in the small victories in your friends’ days.

Studies have shown that friendships are the key to a lot of great benefits in life from preventing depression and a mid-life crisis to adding joy and health benefits. There’s nothing like being able to call or email a friend when something great happens in your day. Don’t you always have that one friend you can’t wait to call or text with news?

Class PreviewYou can never have too many friends. In fact, there are apparently seven types of friends that you should have… or at least everyone woman should have. Do men have required types of friends? Every friend has a different perspective to life and brings something different to the relationship table so to speak. That’s what adds variety to life.

If you ever go to an event with me, you’ll notice that I typically hit the wall and people watch. I may introduce myself to a couple people and stick with them, but I’m not out there in the thick of things. It’s just out of my comfort zone to mix and mingle like that. I’m content just to watch everyone.

I’ve got a few events planned in the next couple weeks and I’m going to work to change this comfort zone that I’m in. I plan to get out there and introduce myself to at least two people at the events as part of my June Happiness Project. No, not in the desperate “please be my friend” sort of way. I really want to take an interest in the people and find out more about them.

It’s always fun to try new things so now I’m going to add some new friends to my life. You never know, maybe I’ll find the Fashionista (I so need help in this area!) or the Travel Buddy that would fit with me perfectly! So challenge yourself to make two new friends this week. Even if you’re the type that chats up everyone, you can still join in and add to your circle.

I’m also going to share a sneak peek with you of one of the events that I’m doing this week. Hint: It involved them writing my name at my seat and crossing off another Quest List adventure. What could it be? 😉

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