I’m Back… And I’ve Missed You!

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I'm The One On The Left

After a (much too long) hiatus from blogging, I’ve made it my Half Year’s resolution to throw myself back into it. Document even if only for documentation’s sake and because I love doing it. Let’s see, when we last left our fair maiden (that would be me BTW)… I was just in the midst of getting off the training ground. I was getting the hang of the healthy eating thing (no small feat in itself) along with attempting to lift heavy things in mass quantities for the first time ever. Not only did I manage to get off the ground, I flew. Last weekend I officially moved from NPC card holder to NPC competitor! I competed in the Bikini B Class (5′ 4″ and up) and the Bikini Masters Class (35+ in age).

Just to brag for a brief moment, a very small percentage of the human population ever competes in a competition in a teeny tiny outfit and even fewer give it a go for the first time after they’ve passed 40. I’m giving myself a huge pat on the back from having the cajones to give it a shot. I definitely wanted a trophy to proudly display next to my bed and hug every night, however my mission was much like outrunning the lion on safari. You don’t have to win, you just have to not come in last. I’m happy to a say that someone else got eaten by the lion. Phew, I was second to last!

Back Stage

It was an adventure from start to finish that I won’t soon forget. In particular, the attempt to go from an alabaster white complexion to something close to the color of a cup of coffee with a very slight splash of cream. It was a major undertaking to get the stuff on dark enough, and now I’m still trying to scrub the stuff off.

I look back at my first post about considering embarking on this journey and am really amazed at my accomplishments. The last few months have been a flurry of activity – posing coaches, suit ordering, suit altering, working out, walking in heels with grace and style, eating this, and not eating that and that’s just half the list. It was exhausting to be honest. I had to start months ahead of time just to make sure that I was halfway ready on schedule. There were a couple wrenches thrown into the process along the way, but no regrets whatsoever.

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a Doc Marten/comfort shoes kind of person. By no means am I a heel walking, girlie girl. My biggest fear was that I was going to do a face plant on stage in my 5 inch stripper heels and that my suit would not make it through the trip intact. I am much relieved to say that there was only one slight stumble during the morning pre-judging. I’m telling myself that it was so slight that the judges didn’t even catch it. The combination of nerves and stage carpeting definitely was a contributing factor. All of my posing practice was on tile or wooden flooring, and stripper heels are made to purposely not slip. Who the heck carpets a stage anyway?!

Night Show

The night show was a completely different story. I rocked those heels like a pro. Even John Travolta would have been proud of my deuces up pose and mile wide smile. I’ve come so far in the last year that I almost don’t even believe that it’s real. So many of my goals have not only been met, they’ve been left spinning in the dust behind me. By the time I hit the stage, I was approximately 126 lbs and 11% body fat. I say approximately because I was so worked up that morning that I completely forgot to get on the scale. Not bad considering the starting point last June was 134 lbs and 24.7% body fat.

I forced myself to take this week off from lifting since I haven’t missed a workout in the last year. I’m due in my mind for this break, but I’m missing it and looking forward to getting back at it Monday. I’ve relaxed slightly on the eating but for the most part I’m still eating the same stuff, just a bit more with a treat here and there. At this point, I know any weight gain will be slight and easy to get off.

Time to set some new goals since my list is empty. Any ideas what star I should shoot for next? Let me know if you have ideas. I’d love to hear them.


  1. I vote you go for Figure and set your sights on top five! 🙂

  2. The Accidental Exerciser says

    I'm going to give it my best shot. I just need to break it up into bite sized chunks along the way.

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