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I have some exciting news that I’ve been dying to tell you all week. I waited because I wanted something in-hand so that I could take a picture for my big announcement. A squinty picture in bright sun with no makeup. Aren’t you glad I waited for that? Drum roll please… brrrrr…. brrrr…. brrrrr <insert drum roll sound here>

ISSA Certified TrainerAs of this past Monday, I am a certified trainer! I did it! I took the exam just over a week ago and passed with a score of 95%! This past Monday I spent my lunch hour taking a CPR/AED course to satisfy the last requirement and it became official.

The course was wonderful and I learned a lot. I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed working on the case studies and outlining programs for my pretend clients. That was the best part of the course. It’s been a long journey to get here. I first talked about it almost a year ago.

I briefly researched certifications then and set a goal. I borrowed course textbooks from a friend to study. I even put it on my bucket list but life got in the way and it never happened. Then I decided to get off my backside and get motivated. I did some soul searching about why I wasn’t doing it and what was stopping me.

The big change moment came with the goal setting and breaking down barriers process. I formally set a goal on paper that I carried with me, and I was able to figure out exactly what was keeping me from reaching it. Once I knew that, it wasn’t too hard to figure out ways around the barriers and reach the goal. It sounds silly but those sheets really do help and I plan to use them for other things.

Next up, I’m working on a certification in Fitness Nutrition. I’m already enrolled and on my way! If you are looking for a certification program, I highly recommend ISSA. Their customer service from the time I inquired about their class to taking the class and asking questions to support afterwards has been beyond impressive. You don’t run into that kind of service these days and they seriously were A+ level.

Look out, there’s no stopping me now!


  1. SO proud of you girl! xo

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