One Of The Best Road Trip Endings Yet

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Vegan Soft Serve Ice CreamHow far would you drive for ice cream? What if it was soft serve ice cream? The Kid and I drove 45 minutes one way for ice cream today. Not just any kind of ice cream. This was vegan soft serve ice cream… and it was so worth it. Look at it! Now I want another one, dang it.

Strangely enough there is a healthy gas station smack in the middle of Dallas that has all kinds of good for you goodies. Seriously, a gas station. That sells gas. But inside, it’s all healthy goodness. I found out about it a few weeks ago and have been planning this trip since.

Green Spot in DallasIt’s called the Green Spot and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. The sole purpose of the trip was the soft serve, but I made sure that I was hungry when I got there to take advantage of the cafe too. I got a mahi mahi taco with that was to die for. It was topped with red cabbage and some kind of lime cilantro sauce.

The Kid got fries (of course) and they were the natural cut, fancy sea salted fries. Even the packets of condiments like ketchup were all natural and not the usual variety that you find in fast food places. All of the snacks in the convenience store section were good for you too. Protein bars, energy bars, fruit, seaweed snacks, and all kinds of organic and all natural items. They even had kombucha on tap!

OK, back to the soft serve. It was one of those “load up a cup and pay by the ounce” places with a topping bar to go along. They had four flavors, all vegan. The reason this is so awesome is because of The Kid’s dairy allergy. She can’t have dairy or we end up in the ER. She’s had dairy free ice cream before but never soft serve. I thought this was pretty cool that she actually had flavor choices and toppings to go along with it.

I got the chocolate and vanilla swirled together and topped it with chocolate chips and fresh blackberries. Honestly I’ve no idea if this was coconut milk based or soy based but it was amazingly good. Us non-vegans would have no clue that a cow was not involved in the making of this stuff. If you ever make it to Dallas or you live here already, I highly recommend a trip. We’re definitely going back and hopefully can combine it with a hike of the nearby lake once it cools off a bit. Even the promise of ice cream won’t make The Kid hike in 100 degree weather.

In case you missed the amazing week, here’s what happened:

Oooooh! And guess who was the #4 most clicked Mommy Solution last week. Yeah, that’s right. Cacao! OK, it was probably the promise of healthy chocolate recipes that did it and not me. 😉

This week has some exciting stuff coming including a couple new workouts. There’s also a giveaway happening over at Crystal & Comp for a 4 week online coaching program from yours truly. Stop and check out her site that’s filled with great tips and enter the giveaway.  Have a wonderful start to your week!

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