Professional Pics With A Great Photographer

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The Kid and I had the opportunity yesterday to work with an amazing photographer on a photo shoot. We haven’t had real pictures taken of us in a couple of years. When I say real pictures, I mean with someone who makes their living doing this and not a photo studio with button pushers. I found Kelly Blackall through Groupon of all places. You know me and my Groupons. 😉

Blackall PhotograhyI perused her work online and loved her style of pictures. We met up yesterday in the local botanical gardens. It didn’t take long, and we had a lot of fun seeing the gardens and trying out different poses. The weather was a bit iffy for my taste – very humid and windy.

Not good since my hair turns into Rosanne Roseannadanna in a heartbeat in those conditions. Thankfully it held up for me and didn’t get too crazy. Not only is Kelly a great photographer, she is just an amazingly nice person. She chatted with us and made us feel a little less stiff in front of the camera.

She also was full of photography information for someone like me who wants to take good pictures but fails miserably most times. She had some great suggestions for me and maybe, just maybe you might see some improvement in the pics on here. No promises though!

Don’t we look amazing in the sample pic?! If only we looked this great in real life. Hee hee. If you are in the DFW area, you need to check out Kelly at Blackall Photography. Seriously, her work is really great and I can’t wait to get the pictures back to see them all. I’m definitely going to be using her again.

Today The Kid and I are taking the first of two pottery classes. You know, with the wheel and everything. I’m wondering how goopy it will be, but sure to be tons of fun. We make our creations today and then go back in a couple weeks to finish them up.

Do you have big plans for today? I hope you enjoy!

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