Road Trip: Fields Of Frolicking Foals

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Reefer Madness MusicalThe Kid and I decided to do another northern road trip yesterday. This time we aimed more northwest than straight north like we did on Tuesday. The goal was to take a driving tour of ranches in horse country and see different types of horses – quarter horses, cutting horses, dressage, and so on. Spring is the time of year when all the mares have their foals so we were promised plenty of views of frolicking foals in the fields. (Yay for alliteration!)

The ultimate destination was a “quaint” college town where we were supposed to drop by the Chamber of Commerce and pick up our map of the hour tour and brochures of other area activities. We rolled into town and it was seriously like we had time warped back into the 70s. No lie! As we drove towards the town square, I raised an eyebrow as we passed High Times and various other smoke shops.

The square was filled with record stores. REAL record stores, like on vinyl! There were comic stores, candy stores, and a crap ton of unhealthy restaurants. Gotta feed your munchies while you’re enjoying the tunes, I guess. 😉 Even the musicals were reefer-based. The Kid insisted we stop at the comic store. I think she wanted the Sheldon experience from Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately all she found was a stinky store with weird guys and a plethora of smoking devices.

vegan freakThere were also your hippie type places like the Vegan Freak store filled with (gasp) meat free products and organic cosmetics, bags and such. It was next door to this second hand critter supply place where they sold used pet supplies. It all had a very granola type vibe and smell to it. I couldn’t find anyplace that had something for me to eat even with modifications. Thankfully I had lunch and snacks packed with me and ate in the car.

After we got our map and brochures, we wandered around a bit and then started the driving tour of horse country. Now these were no normal horses. They were apparently royal horses from the land of oodles of money! I should be so lucky as to live in the luxury these guys did. The ranches were massive and had stables that were all beautiful and mansion-like. They were painted and had manicured lawns and decorative bushes that were trimmed into swirly shapes.

We saw fields and fields of horses including a few with the moms and babies out. The foals were all running around, kicking up their heels and bucking in the air. It was fun to watch them have such a great time. We should all be happy and frolicky like them. Life is too short otherwise.

Our spring road trip tradition is one of my favorite parts of the year. Not every adventure turns out perfect but they always bring huge smiles and a bunch of laughs along the way. Do you have a spring tradition in your family?

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