Road Trip: A Slow Start But A Great Ending!

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Ellis County CourthouseI found a really great book on day trips from the DFW area. The trips are all short to easily do in a day and the book lays them out in compass directions – north, south, east and west. Yesterday The Kid and I took a road trip yesterday and decided to head south. The drive was pretty nice but when we got there, it was a teeny tiny town. A town that pretty much was closed on Mondays. 😉

We went there to see the courthouse because of the intricate and famous (in the area at least) carvings. Apparently years and years ago, the town hired a sculptor to come from Italy to do the column carvings. The sculptor fell in love with the daughter of the house he stayed in and carved beautiful faces for the first part of the courthouse. Unfortunately she did not return his love and gradually his carvings took on a more and more evil theme.

One side of the courthouse has angelic faces and the other side has demonic looking, scary faces. I tried my best to get a pic of them but as you can see my iPhone skills need assistance. You couldn’t really get in a position to get a close up pic and my phone wouldn’t zoom. If you look closely you can see them in the horizontal part just above the columns. After we viewed the courthouse, we attempted to take a walking tour with a brochure we picked up at the Chamber of Commerce.

The brochure for some reason had the map laid out upside down from the way you were supposed to walk it so it was like reading a map in a mirror and trying to follow! I failed miserably since it hurt my brain, and we quickly just gave up. The best part of this story is when we stopped on the corner trying to read the map. We were smack in the midst of a group on inmates mowing the courthouse lawn and maintaining the gardens. Southern Road TripThe Kid freaked out that I chose that spot to stop and loiter.

I told her the safest time to be around inmates was when they are shackled at their feet with several armed guards standing around in public. She didn’t find the humor in my answer and hustled me along like a mother hen. Thankfully we found an awesome restaurant for lunch. I was able to stick to my eating plan there with some slight modifications!

We also found an amazing scrapbook store with a selection that I have never seen before. I love LOVE scrapbooking but never have the time lately. I stocked up on some great goodies while there and with my goal to hire out some things around the house, I might actually get some free time to scrapbook.

Today is another road trip adventure after the gym. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this one will be a bit more exciting. Any guesses on the direction we’re going this time? 😉



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