Christmas Is Definitely Done For The Year

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Sunday means leg day at the Quest Household. Leg day typically takes me quite a bit of time and effort. I leave it for the weekend so I’m not rushed during my lunch hour. My lower half needs all the help it can get, so I’m not cutting my effort short just to get back to the office. Pah! Priorities. 😉

I decided yesterday that today would also be THE day that I finally treated myself to an egg nog latte. Squeeeeee! I’d waited all year for this and the day had come at last. I decided to do a leg workout that I did back in June to see how much progress I’ve made in the last 6 months. I keep a binder of every workout that I do along with weights, reps, and the time it took me to complete. Every now and then I go back and choose one to do again and see if I improve on my time or weights.

Tannual-egg-nog-lattehe June workout stands out to me since it was particularly brutal and took forever to boot. I’m happy to say that I managed to increase my weights on every exercise and I also shaved off 15 minutes on the time. That shows that hard work does pay off. I know it sounds obsessive, but I definitely recommend keeping notes from your workouts. Everyone has those days where you really aren’t sure if you’re moving forward. Being able to compare today’s workout to the same one 6 months ago confirms that it hasn’t been for nothing.

Afterwards I dragged myself into the Starbucks for my delicious moment… and found out they were out of egg nog. It took all my effort not to stand there and cry. I drove to three other Starbucks and was met with the same answer. The holidays are over, lady. No egg nog for you! In a moment of desperation I drove to different grocery stores to buy egg nog to make my own dang latte at home. Not a nog to be found.

I went home, showered and decided to take The Kid to the mall instead and we had a great day window shopping. Thankfully on the way home I was able to find the lone Starbucks that still had egg nog. I capped off the evening with a grande triple reverse nonfat egg nog latte. Yes, I’m one of those people.

Usually they make the latte with 1/3 steamed milk and 2/3 egg nog. I love egg nog but it’s way too sweet for me so I ask them to do the reverse. I also get an extra shot of espresso hence the triple part. The latte was pure perfection and well worth the effort and the drive around town. Next year I’ll make sure to not wait quite as long for my celebration. This was cutting it way too close.

Are you one of those people at the coffee place that gets a high maintenance order? I promise I only do this once a year. All the other days I have a normal order. 😉


  1. I really started keeping track of my workout this ear and it does make a difference and is good for the soul to know that changes in strength are happening.

    I’m not a coffee drinker but I think everyone should be a pain sometimes…lol

    • I love looking back to see how far I’ve come. It definitely does help when I’m feeling frustrated by what I feel is lack of progress. It shows that most of the lacking is all in my mind.

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