Weekend Adventures to a Land Far Far Away

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Today was a wild and wacky adventure that can only be told in pictures. The Kid and I planned to get our haircut this weekend which usually leads to a visit to The Pearl Cup for the most wonderful tasting latte that you can ever imagine. I got a text earlier this week that our stylist was moving to a new salon in downtown Dallas… which led to a surprisingly fun time.

Lobby FlowersI got the address and we set off this afternoon, directions in hand. I didn’t realize that the new salon was in the original Neiman Marcus. This is a famous landmark here. It was like entering another land. A land that I’ve seen in movies but never actually visited. We pulled up and the only option was to leave my red beast with the valet.

I’m far from being a close relative of Conan the Barbarian but I would never call myself worldly or cultured. I have valet parked my car one other time in my entire life. We were greeted by a doorman and gorgeous flowers in the lobby. These massive arrangements were all throughout. I felt strangely like Shrek entering Far Far Away. We stood out for sure.

Colorful DressesWe got our haircut and decided to look around while we were there. There were 6 floors to visit. Some of the floors had special rooms for the designer collections. I saw one for fancy jewels, one for Chanel, another for YSL. We decided not to actually enter any of these special rooms but we did stop on the floor with ballgowns.

The dresses were absolutely beautiful and there was every color of the rainbow. Feathers, flowers, ruffles. I’m sure the attendants thought I was completely crass for taking a picture but I couldn’t resist. The Kid said that I needed to bring her back when it’s time for her prom. Yeah, not going to happen.

White Wedding DressesWe turned the corner after visiting the ballgowns and The Kid squealed in delight when she saw the wedding gown room. It was seriously every girl’s dream. You should have seen them. It was like a huge marshmallow, tulle explosion. Even me, the ever single one, was excited to look at them. I really wanted to try one on just for the heck of it.

Don’t tell, but I actually reached out and touched one. I wanted to see what it felt like. It was the one at the front of this pic with little white sparkly flowers sewn all over it. It turned out that was one of the cheaper dresses and it was $9,860! Thankfully the room attendants were friendly and they smiled at us as we browsed.

We finished wandering the rest of the floors and made our way back to the valet. There were Jaguars, Audis, and Mercedes but I smiled when my rickety red beast pulled up. I’m happy I don’t have to worry about ruining a $10k dress or finding someone to carry my purchases. The stress alone would kill me. 😉

Now that I’m prepared, the next time we get our haircut I’m planning a lunch and a visit to the cookie counter while we’re there. We may not be able to shop but we can surely eat cookies with the frou frou people. We also made it for our Pearl Lattes and it was as great as ever.

Have you ever had a surreal adventure like this?

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