Always Make Time To Dream And Master Something New

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Always DreamAs promised, I managed to follow through on last week’s challenge to stop stressing over perfection and forget about the results. I put together a page… albeit a beginner level page. Phew, I don’t know how you creative types do it! I struggled with both figuring out how to use the software, deciding on what to write, and then actually picking a look.

One of my readers had a great idea to set a time limit and when the time is up, the work is done. I love that idea and plan to try it. Art probably isn’t meant to be this stressful but hey, it’s done and it’s NOT perfect. That alone is progress! I promise you I really am sane and not a raving lunatic. For the most part. 😉

I sat down last night to read the next task in the September challenge to pursue a passion. I was greeted with a joyous turn of events. This week’s challenge is to master a new technology! Could this be a more perfect time?! I can set about mastering (or at least learning) how to use Photoshop Elements for my scrapbooking.

If I can poke around and figure out what I’m doing there, I can focus more on what to write and what it should look like. So I purchased a couple online intro classes for just this purpose. I know, it sounds silly but I have high digital scrapbooking aspirations so that I can better document all this fun stuff going on in my life. I picture myself sitting in a rocking chair someday and looking through albums remembering all the great times. Just the thought of it makes me smile. Isn’t that the very purpose of the happiness project?

What passion are you pursuing? Does it involve technology?

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