Angry Birds Help You Serve Better

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angry bird hatThank goodness it’s Friday! We made it through the week at last. It’s been a busy week but hopefully there will be some free kitchen time this weekend because I have a recipe that I’m dying to try and share with you. Stayed tuned, it looks to be a good one.

This week we had a monumental event in the Quest Household. The Kid had her very first volleyball game ever! This is huge because she actually chose athletics as her elective this year at school. You see, when I was growing up I didn’t do any sports. I was the intellectual one who was constantly picked last for any team in gym.

There was usually a lot of eye rolling and sighing by others when they got stuck with me on their team. If I could trip over it, I would. If I had to hit it, I couldn’t. If I had to catch it, I got hit in the head by it instead. This whole fitness thing is brand new for me. It’s probably why I like lifting because you don’t really need coordination or speed. You just need to pick up something heavy and bend your body parts.

playing volleyballSo imagine my excitement when The Kid choose to do this all on her very own. She tried out for the volleyball team and now has games every Tuesday after school. It was fun to get the chance to see her play and find out that she’s a serving machine. She’s tiny but she manages to pound those serves over the net with her little spaghetti guns. I was so proud of her!

She is like me in many ways though. She marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t care what others think. Who else could rock an angry bird hat during a volleyball game like The Kid? All the other kids at the game were boringly hat free. She’s mine, all mine, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

We will never be boring at our house. Life is too short to not enjoy it fully. What have you done differently than others lately? Have you gotten any strange looks? 😉

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