Are Twitter Meetups Called Tweetups?

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Hey Jude June, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. You have to imagine me singing this to you and flapping with hand gestures. You must use hand gestures when singing. It’s required. Of course as part of the Even Happier Quest, you need to take a sad song and make it better. 😉

The focus for June in the Happiness Project is to Make Time for Friends. When people are sad, what is the first thing everyone suggests? Get out there and have fun with friends. Friends rush to the aid of friends after break ups, illness, arguments. They also are there for graduations, weddings, girls and guys nights out. Good and bad, you need friends.

Close friendships and social bonds seems to be the answer for everything. Friendships help us feel like we belong and are liked which definitely helps boost happiness. No, you don’t have to rush out and friend everyone on Facebook or increase your Twitter following. Even just one close friendship has been shown to improve overall happiness, boost immunity and extend your life.

Suz and AdrianneI actually got started on this task early. Last summer I got the great honor of “meeting” @smacks_em on Twitter. She and I were both part of an online leadership group and we really hit it off. We’ve tweeted and emailed ever since. She’s been a great source of inspiration for me. She paints, works out, travels, is perpetually happy, and is just all around fun to chat with.

If I just had one bit of the creativity she has, I could conquer the world as an arteest! Lucky for me, she had a vacation planned that required a connection through DFW. I was thrilled to get a couple hours to spend with her while she was here and we had a blast. She’s even more fun in person!

Spend some time with friends this week. You don’t have to plan out anything important. Just an evening out on the spur of the moment, a phone call to catch up, a quick lunch if you’re short on time. I know you’re busy, but you’ve got the time. I bet it puts a big smile on your face. It did for us!


  1. Awww….lady, I loved finally meeting you in person!!! xoxoxo

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