Out With Volleyball, In With Basketball

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Friday Night DinnerVolleyball season is done and this week is the start of basketball try outs at school. The Kid has to be dropped off at school at 6:30 am for try outs. That made for quite an early morning for two non-morning people.

I forced The Kid to go to bed early last night but I’m sure she just lay there and didn’t sleep. It was one of those mornings where you just roll out of bed into pants, grab your glasses, and just drop The Kid off. I did manage to heat up leftover chili and put it in a thermos for her lunch.

I was definitely grateful for the time change this weekend because it was still mentally 7:30 am instead of 6:30. Try outs continue each morning at 6:30 until the coaches decide that you’ve been cut. They announce the official team on Wednesday night and then real practice begins for the team Thursday at 6:30.

The Kid has been practicing hard and is so excited for try outs. I’m impressed that I have a child that enjoys sports. I would sooner have eaten a basketball raw at that age than try out for the team. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and I have my very own in house basketball player by Thursday!

Did you do team sports when you were growing up? Do your kids do them?

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