Better Than Walking And Chewing Gum

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Christmas ParadeI’ve never mentioned this before because I didn’t want to brag, but I live in the Christmas Capital of Texas. Yes, that’s right. Be jealous. That’s how I roll.

I’m completely kidding here. I just recently saw that on a flier at the town center. Who knew there was even an honor like this to earn. I’m not even convinced there was a contest or that it’s true. It doesn’t seem abnormally Christmas themed here. Just the right amount of Christmas.

Last night was the city’s Annual Christmas Parade. It’s a huge celebration that shuts down Main Street for the evening and all the schools in the city make floats, cheer or march in it in some way. There are also city officials, police officers, and firefighters.

It was pretty exciting stuff and took me an hour to drive the 5 minutes downtown and find a place to park with everything blocked off. I parked way far away from Main Street too in the first parking spot I could find. Think of the calories burned on my own one person parade march to Main Street and back afterwards.

This was my first year to attend because The Kid was marching in the parade. Not just marching, but playing in the band while doing so. Playing and walking, with a huge metal (probably relatively heavy) instrument almost as tall as she is. It was so exciting to see her in action. Our band is even national award winning which made it that much more exciting.

Yes, I’m biased but the band as a whole really is good! The weather was perfect temperature-wise. It was cloudy but it didn’t start raining until the very end. I’m so proud of The Kid and wouldn’t have missed it for anything. I was thinking on the way home that it’s probably been 20 years since I’ve seen a parade. The last one was a St. Patrick’s Day Parade from what I remember.

Does your city have an interesting honor like mine does? What about a Christmas Parade?

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