Borrowing Things While On The Go

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plastic containersToday at work we are rolling out new software and I was asked to do store visits to make sure that everything goes as planned. It’s a nice break to spend half a day outside of the dark confines of the office so I’m thrilled that I get the chance to do it. It does pose some eating challenges though.

Being on the go, and eating meals and snacks is nothing insurmountable. It just requires a little bit of planning ahead and a lot of plastic containers, but look how organized the fridge looks! On the average day, I bring breakfast, lunch, and two snacks with me to work. Today I’m doing the same thing, I just have to be more flexible.

I’ve got everything packed in my lunchbox with a blue ice thing to keep it cold. Instead of scrambled eggs, I made hard boiled eggs and will eat those since they’re portable. I will also try to search out a 7-11 to borrow a microwave to heat up my lunch, but I’m willing to eat it cold if need be. Most times gas stations and 7-11s don’t mind you using the microwave if you buy a water from them. You can even try Starbucks in a pinch.

Healthy eating relies on commitment for the most part. Cold broccoli won’t kill me for one day. It’s all in how you think about it – a give and take just like most choices. I’ll gladly eat cold broccoli while out enjoying the weather instead of hot broccoli in a dark office. So think of me today when you gaze out a window.

Have you ever borrowed a microwave while out? What’s the strangest food related request you’ve made while on the go? I’m always looking for tips.

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