Busy Day But Boredom Sets In

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Today is Day 2 of my kid free staycation. I believe at this point I’m officially bored as I’ve gone through most of my To Do list. It’s amazing how much my productivity has gone up without my mom duties keeping me busy. I love my To Do list, specifically my To Do list app on my phone. I used to be one of those people who kept their list in their head and ran around from place to place. I realized that I couldn’t remember it all, so I moved on to a written list. That too had issues since I’d have things I needed to do, but didn’t have my list with me. I always have my phone so this is a perfect solution.

No matter where I am, I can quickly enter in my To Dos. The best part about a To Do list is… it helps you to get things done. Then there is the added bonus of the sense of satisfaction when you cross things off the list and the list gets smaller. I’m definitely an accomplishment junkie so I get very excited when I cross things off. I’ve actually been quite busy today despite my boredom. My day started early with a dog walk with Thing Two. He was grateful that he got to walk just as the sun was coming up. Wearing a fur coat and walking in Texas heat is not his thing.

After that I came home and did Chalean Extreme (CE) Burn Circuit 1. I’ve decided that there is just under a month before my Turbo Fire We’re On Fire Challenge starts so I’m going to try to get in a month of Burn Circuits blended in with some Turbo Jam in the meantime. After that I tried Dynamic Flow Yoga for the very first time. More on that in a moment. I’m giving CE a try with bands this time instead of weights to see how that feels and works. I was impressed so far with the feel of the bands and especially the simplicity of them.

Once I finished up my workouts, I moved on to bill paying and updating all of my accounts in Quicken. I sorted through all my coupons, organized my magazine article cut outs, backed up my files onto hard drive, and read all of my magazines that had stacked up. I went for a swim and laid around by the pool for a bit, then came in and took a nap while mindless TV ran in the background. Once that was done, I wandered around the house for a bit looking for something to do. I found nothing so I went a dropped off all of my donations from the cleaning adventure yesterday at the donation station nearby. I came back home and walked Thing Two again. He wasn’t quite as excited this time since it’s hot now but I drug him along.

I’ve exhausted all activities and now I’m waiting for pizza to arrive. Since The Kid is out of town, I get to order pizza with cheese. I can’t remember the last time that happened. The Kid did call four times today. She was very excited to be in New York City and she also got to see the Statue of Liberty. She did let me in on a secret. As she put it, the movies and brochures about cruise ships lie to you. There really isn’t a big send off with confetti and streamers as the ship pulls out of the harbor. She said there was only two people for the send off and they didn’t seem to care much. That was hilarious.

Now onto my review of Dynamic Flow Yoga. I’ll start by saying that I’m not a yoga person. I never have been and I don’t think I will be much to my mother’s horror. This DVD is one of the add ons for Chalean Extreme that was created after the deluxe set. It was about 40 minutes or so and required a mat and optional hand weights. The workout was quite challenging and I ended up taking off the hand weights about half way through. It was either that or my arms were going to snap off and prevent me from doing another down dog. There were several familiar faces in the DVD including Toni and Donna which was nice. This was not one of my favorites though and I don’t think I’ll be doing it often.

The DVD was very well done and I felt like I got a good stretching workout from it. I’m just not a relaxing type person and can’t seem to feel excited about yoga. I’m a type A personality. I need my blaring music, my turbo kickboxing, my hip hop dancing. I can’t wind myself down enough to do this. However the yoga workout comes in a set with Extreme Intervals which definitely intrigue me so it was worth the purchase and I will be attempting it from time to time. One day I may be able to relax enough to enjoy it.

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