Denial Is Once Again Just A River

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This week we’re wrapping up the Happiness Project for October and personally I’ve learned a lot from paying attention, in particular to what I’m feeling physically in both energy and appetite. It’s actually been really freeing to retire my heart rate monitor and workout just for the fun of the challenge instead of stressing over a number. I guess it’s along the lines of some people giving up their scale and paying attention to other signs of fitness instead of the number.

Avoiding-My-ProblemsFor the last week of paying attention, I decided to take another perspective on the task. If you caught my post yesterday, I was having a moment with my massive to do list – a hysterical type moment where I was sure that I couldn’t get everything done. I did some deep breathing and convinced myself to give up on the thought of doing it all and just do what I could. It took a lot of breathing to tell myself that it was OK.

The world was not going to end if I didn’t do it all. I would still get up tomorrow and have most of the list there, and it was still going to be OK. No one else would even notice most likely. No one was going to declare me a failure if I only managed one thing or even no thing. No one but me, that is. Light bulb moment! So I decided to create my own task fitting for October’s Paying Attention adventure.

I got my to do list together and picked the first item. I made a point to pay attention to that item and nothing else. No looking back at the list. No focusing on the 5 things next on the list. No planning ahead. Every time my mind wandered to what might be next, I made a point to bring the attention back to my current focus. Once I completely finished, I crossed it off and then went to the next one.

You know what? I was an efficient machine! I didn’t set out to speed through things or even consider that it would be a possibility. By focusing on what I was doing and not worrying ahead, I was able to get things done faster. I managed to get everything that was considered a “must do” on the list done. DONE! It was an incredible feeling of accomplishment and I can vouch for the happiness factor. 😉

I seem to have this issue mainly on the weekends and not so much during the week. I guess it’s more accepted in my mind that I won’t have time in the evenings to do much so the expectation isn’t there. I challenge you this week to make a conscious effort to pay attention to the task at hand and focus on just one task at a time. Remove the expectations of having to do it all and just do what you can.

You just might find that you get more done and enjoy the moments along the way. You can apply this to so many situation besides just your to do list. If you’re trying to get through a tough workout, don’t focus on the number of sets or minutes left. Just the current one. Don’t focus on eating right the entire week or day. Plan your meals out, and focus on one meal at a time.

Do you freak out over your mile long to do list? Is it just at certain times or days of the week?

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