Do You Have Time For Projects?

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Even Happier QuestWere you busy all last week creating a treasure house of memories? The Kid and I tried our best, and have been trying to spend more time outside of our box. Instead of always staying home on school nights, we’ve gone a couple times to Starbucks and even took in a movie. Gasp! Chalk one up for spontaneity.

Mornings for the past couple weeks have been awesome! The mood is light hearted and completely different than the grouchiness that was happening before. Maybe there is something to singing in the morning. The true test will be this Friday when I have to drop The Kid off at 5 am at school for a field trip. Yes, you read that right. FIVE am.

Gah! I must plan ahead with a really great song to sing. Next to accomplish on our April goal to Lighten Up is… Take Time For Projects. The book explains that many projects are put off, end up half accomplished, or rushed through just to get them done. We need to spend more time doing fun projects and enjoying them fully in the process. The process is where most of the fun can take place.

If you noticed, I skipped a couple days of posting here this weekend. I was talking the talk and tackling a project. We are in the process of re-doing The Kid’s room! She’s been asking for this for a while now, and I kept replying with “Your room is fine the way it is” and “Nothing is wrong with your room.” I didn’t want the house to smell like paint and everything to be in disarray. Have I mentioned I hate disarray? 😉

Stop! Change of direction. I came to the realization that she’s only going to be living in her room for another 5 years or so. (Queue the sobbing sounds now.) Does it matter that the house smells like new paint for a bit or that it takes time to redecorate? No, not really. The fun part is picking out colors, figuring out what we need, spending time together painting it.

We get to spend hours with each other, just laughing and having a good time. We’ve had some good talks. We get some great memories. She gets a new room. Win-win. So far we’ve painted, hung curtains, put up some themed pictures, got new sheets and comforter. We also get extra time together going through idea books and tossing around plans. A headboard for her bed is up next.

It’s been a blast so far. I think she was pretty surprised at my sudden change of heart too. That might have been the most fun of all. It’s funny how each month so far has had a weekly task that really made a difference for me. One that just fit like a glove and just worked perfectly. I think this might be April’s task.

Do you have any projects like this that you’ve been putting off?

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