Embracing Change But Not Always All At Once

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Week in ReviewToday I made the decision to get a new laptop and work my into the latest technology. I spent most of today moving files over, having momentary panic attacks when I couldn’t find or install things, and just overall adjusting to change. It’s kinda like when you spend all day organizing your room and then you can’t remember where you put things. Even though you said “I’ll put it here because this is the obvious spot for it.” Yeah, just like that.

But the laptop is all shiny and new and thankfully I figured out how to reach AFQ from it. Actually AFQ was the first place I tried to reach. Even before email. My goal is to figure out how to become proficient in organizing files and my to do list electronically. I will streamline my life if it’s the last thing I do! <insert raised fist of fury here>

So in case you missed any of the other excitement around here

Thankfully I am off for the Labor Day holiday tomorrow because I really could use a day off after straining my technology brain. Are you off for Labor Day? Do you have trouble when moving to a new computer or am I the only challenged one? 😉

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