Even Dogs Can Have Insomnia

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dog walk

Proof of My Dog Walk in the Dark

It’s early here. Very early. 6:10 am to be exact and I’ve been up for quite a while. Since it’s been so hot this summer, Thing Two’s walks have been cut in half distance-wise and also haven’t happened as often timewise.

I rolled over around 4:30 this morning to face two eyeballs staring at me in the dark. These eyeballs were just over a mouth holding a squeaky toy which was loudly squeaking at me. Thing Two had insomnia. For once, I did not. Sigh.

It was around 5:30 that I decided to take pity on him and take him on the usual 2 mile daily walk that he’s been missing for the last 3 months. He was thrilled and I could hardly get the leash on him since he ran from me to the door and back to me at least 8 times while trying to saddle up.

We walked and I guess it was a sensory delight for him to do in the dark. His nose was on overdrive and he furiously walked doing his best bloodhound imitation, nose to ground scanning from side to side. How a 30 lb dog can hold 15 lbs of pee is a mystery, but every blade of grass was hit.

We got to the furthest point in our walk when I noticed a massive flash off in the distance. Being terrified of thunderstorms, I secretly hoped that it was merely the lights from an alien spaceship as they arrived for the hostile takeover. That would have been a happier option.

No, another flash and a strong sudden breeze and I knew the aliens were not invading. Yes, I am blindly terrified of storms here. Not normal storms, but Texas storms. Probably Oklahoma too if I sat through one. These are strange electrical nightmares that sound as if your house will rip apart around you.

Maryland and Virginia don’t have storms like this hence this fear is only about 9 years old for me. I’m still adjusting to it. I immediately broke into a sprint and ended up dragging Thing Two for the second half of the walk. We made it home without electrocution.

Typically these storms produce all kinds of lightning but not a drop of rain or clap of thunder. It’s looking like this is one of those types right now. The sky is lighting up but not a drop. It could at least have the decency to rain for all my terror.

Do you have storms like this where you live? Do they scare you? I could use some virtual hand holding.

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