My Week Headed Downhill Faster Than Shaun White On The Halfpipe

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Ugh, this week started off so well and then took an ugly turn. I checked in with Trainer Man on Tuesday to get the results of Week 1 of cutting. Drum roll please… I am down 1.8% body fat in the first week! I was shocked but thrilled. Not too shabby if I say so myself. Especially since I got to eat thin crust pizza, a sourdough roll, spaghetti with marinara, and chocolate cake with ice cream on one of the days. Reasonable portions though of each.

I didn’t deviate from the plan and it worked perfectly. I do love carb up days though and live for them. I’m going strong in Week 2 now. There is a bit more muscle definition showing and I’m eagerly awaiting my abs! Come on abs, hurry!

Work was crazy this week and I got out late on Wednesday. That was after sitting through a 2 hour meeting while everyone beat an issue to death from every angle. I had to move to Plan B for my workout, and ran with the dog instead of hitting the gym. He was not thrilled with being part of Plan B. I always have a back up plan just in case. Thankfully I rarely have to work late for which I’m very grateful.

Yesterday though was a test of my resolve. Is there a full moon this week?! I dropped my Red Beast AKA the Xterra off for its routine service. Apparently every belt, hose, and wear-outable part has worn out and needs to be replaced. All at the same time. The bill was massive and a big hit to the wallet. I’m driving a loaner car for a couple days while they patch him up and get him ready to roll again.

Apple CoreKeep your fingers crossed that this is it for a while and that the house holds itself together too. I’m fully expecting the roof to blow off, but my credit card will need a while to recover from the load. Eeesh! Usually something like this would have led me to fall off the eating wagon. Thankfully I have my focus on cutting and I stayed strong. A small victory to celebrate but I’ll take it. I did manage to eat just about every bit off my apple from the stress.

There was also a brief moment when I pondered how much free coffee and donuts I could get down at the car place before breaking even on the repair bill. It wouldn’t have fixed anything and would have added an upset stomach to the mix. Not to mention there wasn’t nearly enough coffee and/or donuts for that amount. Life has its ups and downs and this too shall pass. My yoga breathing plan was implemented instead.

I hope your week is going well. TGIF! Tonight The Kid has the annual band ensemble (on a Friday?!) and is also trying out for a school musical. Break a leg, kid!

Do you eat when you get stressed? What helps you get through?

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