Such A Smooth Day You’ll Be Green With Jealousy

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Green Themed Groceries

Today started out like any other – with a To Do List a mile long. The Kid got a call from a couple friends and asked if I could drop her off at the mall so they could hang out. I figured it would help me get my list done faster so I had no problem with that.

We got ready and headed out to the red beast of freedom. The beast apparently had other ideas in mind. I tried starting it and just got a screeching noise. Uh oh. After three attempts, it fired up but of course I was a little worried. I warned The Kid that there was probably trouble brewing, but that I would drop her off any way and text her later.

I hung out at the Barnes & Noble to get in an extra coffee and read some magazines before grocery shopping. I headed out with my AAA card in one hand just in case and my bottle of water in the other. No go, no start. Just as I was reaching for my phone to call AAA, I looked up and there was a man walking over to me. More of a nice kid than a man in reality.

With no questions asked, he had come to help me. He said he heard the clicking noise and that the battery was the problem. I didn’t have any jumper cables so in the midst of the hottest streak in years, he offered to push start my car so I could get it going again. A perfect stranger. (Again, just another reason why I’ll never own an automatic. No push starting. Pah!)

He was even kind enough to answer all of my questions about the issue. I’m the person who likes to learn from these things. I asked how he knew it was the battery, why this, why that. That way I’m prepared next time. He answered every question. We got it started and if I didn’t think he would have found it awkward, I would have hugged him with gratitude.

He didn’t have to help. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought had he just gotten in his car and left. I will pay his kindness forward at the first opportunity. It definitely renews my faith in people when things like this happen out of the blue. If he ever happens to read this, I’m very thankful he was there for me.

I headed immediately to the Sam’s Club and they confirmed the battery diagnosis. For a mere $72, I got a new battery installed while I grocery shopped as planned. The beast was ready for me just as I finished shopping and has run like a champ ever since. I can’t tell you how smoothly this went, and on a Sunday too.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. On the way out, I looked in my cart and every single purchase had a green theme going – even down to the bananas! I confess that I was starving while out and I wasn’t prepared for the snafus that took place.

I ended up having a slice of pizza at Sam’s Club since I was hungry enough to eat my own arm. It was quite tasty, but probably wasn’t the best choice although it was one of the cheaper options. I’ll work it off tonight and tomorrow.

Did you end up with wrenches thrown in your plans today? Did they work out as well as mine? Were your groceries green with jealousy? Ha! Happy Sunday!

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