Half The Fun Is In Learning Something New

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Even Happier QuestEven if there’s a path sometimes it’s good to blaze your own trail. Last week’s task in the Happiness Project was to go off the path. Meeting new people, seeing new scenery, and cultivating new interests all stimulate the mind and can lead to happiness. It pulls you out of the normality of every day life and makes life fun and exciting.

As part of last week’s task, I challenged myself to do some research and plan a vacation. I haven’t taken a vacation in several years. I’m actually a very stressed traveler since I don’t do it often, but I’m hoping to change that. Maybe it’s just the old me that doesn’t travel well. Maybe the new me is a world adventurer just waiting to get out.

I’m happy to report back that a vacation is on the books. I won’t say where or when because The Kid may be reading this, but there’s a surprise coming. A surprise with a hotel room! I’m now researching for stuff to do and see at our destination and I’m definitely beyond happy about it.

For this week I created my own task on the quest to Be Serious About Play. This assignment is to Find Something Fun To Learn. I went to the magazine rack at the bookstore and picked several magazines that aren’t something I would normally read but that caught my eye. Then I came home and subscribed to them. Sight unseen and completely spontaneous.

They may be great reads or they may be worthy of the recycle bin. Imagine the possibilities though. The ones I chose were:

  • Home Business
  • Mother Jones
  • Vacations
  • Camping Life
  • More

A pretty good variety if I say so myself. I also signed up for an acrylic painting class and a glass bead making class. It sounds a bit silly, but it’s a couple hours where I get to relax, create, and not have to worry about thinking hard. Challenge yourself this week to get off the path and find something new to read, to learn, to accomplish.

Make sure to let me know because I’m always on the look out for ideas. Good luck and have fun!

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