Having My Cake And Eating It Too

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I made it to another re-eat day yesterday! To say I was excited doesn’t even do justice to the mood especially given the downward spiral of my bleh week. I admit I actually giggled quite a bit while eating cake and ice cream. Maybe that’s the secret to the Even Happier Quest. It’s not Boost Energy. It’s Eat Cake and Ice Cream once a week! Just kidding.

I’ve found something interesting now that I’ve had two days of eating higher calories. I was actually surprised by it. Maybe you already know this and I’m behind in the times. Cake and Ice CreamIt’s hard to eat 2600 calories when you eat mainly healthy foods most of the day. It’s hard to reach that number even when you stick to the serving sizes of unhealthy choices of foods. I always make sure to eat things that are marked with the nutrition information or have this information posted on a website somewhere.

I also always check the portion sizes and measure out my servings to make sure I don’t accidentally eat too much. I didn’t spend the entire week working hard to unknowingly undo that work in a single day. Yes, I measured out 1/5 of the mini chocolate cake I got and 1/2 cup of the vanilla ice cream. I was HUGE by the way!

I did just eyeball the 1 Tbsp of sugar free chocolate syrup I drizzled on top. I’m living on the edge there. I figured even if I went wild and got 2 Tbsp by mistake it only added 10 extra calories. 😉 I also got a hamburger at dinner. The hamburger itself really isn’t too bad in calories when you skip the cheese, mayo and side of fries. I had mine piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and extra pickles. Amazingly, I didn’t want the fries so I didn’t order them. I shocked myself with that one. Wow.

I’m still smiling at the memories. Ahhhhh. In case you missed the wild week, here’s what went down:

Here’s to a better week this week! Here’s looking forward to next Saturday! <Insert sound of clinking glasses> Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Do you have big plans for today?

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