I Couldn’t Ask For A Better Day

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Dog Walk CouponHappy Mother’s Day! Today was an awesome day and I couldn’t wish for anything more. I woke this morning to a handmade card from The Kid. Not only that but there were coupons taped throughout the house for me to redeem whenever I want.

I can get a dog walk every day for a week, dinner made for me, trash taken out and much more. I’m impressed that The Kid was so creative and really put effort into her coupons. She also helped me put the grill together today and we’ve got pork chops marinating for dinner.

In case you missed any of the adventures this week, here’s what happened:

i’m really looking forward to using the new grill. Funny story. I rolled the old grill out to the curb and asked The Kid to make a sign to hang on it that said “Free Grill. Help Yourself”. By the time she created the sign and we went to put it on the grill, it was already gone. The vultures had descended and taken care of it. Hopefully someone gets good use out of it.

I’m looking forward to an amazing week here and I’ve got some exciting news to share with you. You have to wait though. Patience is a virtue. Happy Mother’s Day!

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