If I Could Write A Letter To Me

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Dear Adrianne,

It’s me – or really you – 25 years or so down the road. Things have been really great for you for the past couple years, but I wanted to write to give you some advice based on what I’ve learned along the way. It can be scary to step outside your comfort zone, but when you do look out! I know you that you think school is everything, but you really should take some time to have fun and just enjoy life.

You don’t have to stress out and stay up nights to get straight As. A few Bs here and there are fine as long as you put effort into it. The world won’t end if you get a B. Don’t do what everyone is telling you to do and go right into college if you don’t have an idea of what you want to be. Careers have a mind of their own and often end up taking their own path despite what you go to school to learn.

Trust me, you’ll never use that math degree for anything more than balancing your checkbook and it won’t impress people at cocktail parties. Spend some time figuring out what you like and don’t like. No matter what comes your way, give it a try. You never know when you just might find your passion. Even things that seem strange or scary turn out to be a ton of fun. You’ll never discover that if you give in to your fears.

AdrianneDon’t listen when people tell you that you have to go to college right after high school or you’ll never go at all. That’s ridiculous. If you take some time off, you’ll have a better understanding of yourself and be able to really focus on learning instead of just going through the motions to just get any degree you can. Plus you might get a degree you can actually use in life.

Put down the Big Gulp, do some research and start eating right. Fresh fruits and veggies actually taste great when not coated in cheese and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Chicken isn’t naturally found with a brown, crispy coating. If you need to rip the top off a box and microwave it, you shouldn’t be eating it. I don’t care if every doctor you see tells you your high cholesterol is hereditary. It’s not true, you’re unhealthy and it’s not hereditary!

Move, run, join a gym. Just get up! Stop buying every infomercial gadget out there that claims you’ll suddenly get the body of your dreams in only an hour a week. It takes so much more than that but it’s a lot easier to do at your age than mine. If you just work through the effort, you’ll find out that you love lifting heavy things and it challenges you both mentally and physically. The downside is that you may spend extra time brushing your teeth because you notice how ripply your biceps and shoulders are. The novelty of seeing that never wears off. 😉

Stop wasting time and get out there! The only thing holding you back is listening to others tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Always listen because you don’t know when they might be right, but decide for yourself and not because you feel obligated. They’ll get over it and even if they don’t, it’s their problem not yours. When you doubt your limits, that is when life begins.


PS – Don’t worry, you’ll age really well but think about how much better you’d look if you started using moisturizer now! 😉

If you could write a letter to yourself, what advice would you have? How far back would you go – high school, college, even further?

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